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bullet-gold-lgHospital Advocacy Educational Programs

Hospital patient advocates work directly for hospitals and assist patients within the parameters of the hospital’s ability to balance the needs of the patient with its own business needs.
bullet-gold UC Berkeley Extension Health Advocacy Program
This program is designed for those who may be working in health-related fields, as well as those who are interested in working in those fields. Its coursework covers a range of topics from the health insurance industry, to the continuum of options for patients, plus health policy and ethics.

bullet-goldAssumption College (Worcester, MA) Graduate or Certificate Program
Graduate level program leads to either a masters degree or post-bachelors certificate in health advocacy. This is an online program.

bullet-gold Colorado School of Public Health and Denver Health
The Colorado School of Public Health and Denver Health offer the Patient Navigator Training Collaborative for hospital navigators and some specialized training.

bullet-gold Harold P. Freeman Patient Navigation Institute
The first patient navigation program developed in the United States, this institute has developed a curriculum for those interested in working as navigators for hospitals and community organizations.
bullet-gold Hospital Patient Advocacy Certificate Program Is offered entirely online by Dorland Health, a division of Access Intelligence.
bullet-gold Healthcare Liaison This program offers nationwide workshops on Healthcare Advocacy.

bullet-goldMount Mercy University offers a MSN in Health Advocacy in Cedar Rapids, IA.
bullet-goldThe National Institute of Whole Health offers a Patient Health Advocate Program which focuses both advocacy and the business of being a patient advocate, to be applied in all health care, medical care, patient services and private patient care environments.
bullet-gold Sarah Lawrence College offers the longest-standing patient advocacy degree program in the US.  Graduates work in all aspects of health and patient advocacy, according to their interests.
bullet-gold Whatcom Community College (Washington State)  
Patient Advocacy and Navigation Program This six-month course takes place in Bellingham, WA and includes field experience.

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