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Health Advocacy Graduate Program
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Updated:  June 2020
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Sponsored or provided by: Assumption University, Worcester, MA
For students interested in:
Private Practice Advocacy or Navigation
Hospital Advocacy
Other Advocacy Employment

Medical / Navigational/Case Management
Nurse Advocacy
Integrative Options
Choosing Health Insurance
Ethics / Best Practices
Description: Master of Arts (M.A.) in Health Advocacy - 12 courses/36 credits

Certificate in Patient Advocacy - 6 courses/ 18 credits
Time to complete: 2 years full time, part time pace available
Location or Attendance: Flexible Online
Tuition/ Fees/ Other Costs: Find this information on our website.
Financial Assistance or other discounts: Please visit our webpage for financial aid information.
Admission Pre-requisites: We are seeking candidates who possess strong interpersonal skills and academic credentials. The Admissions Committee will consider several factors when evaluating your application, such as, grade point average, career goals, healthcare work experience, letters of recommendation, and your personal statement. A minimum grade point average of 3.0 is one of the criteria for consideration for admission to the program. Professional experience in healthcare may compensate for a weak GPA from a Baccalaureate degree earned years ago. If you have evidence of extenuating circumstances that explain a weak overall GPA, please address this in the personal statement required with the application.
Post Program Support: yes
Website and/or brochure: Assumption College Health Advocacy Certificate
From the program's director: The online Health Advocacy Program imparts the knowledge, skills, competencies and habits of mind necessary for aspiring and established healthcare professionals to pursue high-impact careers in patient advocacy. The Program integrates key elements of management, social sciences, human services, education and health science in such a way to prepare students to become effective professionals. Graduates from the Health Advocacy program will operate from strengths-based, culturally competent frameworks that value, respect and empower clients/patients and enhances healthcare organizations and systems. A 36 credit Master of Arts in Health Advocacy is offered as well as a 18 credit Certificate in Patient Advocacy. If you have any questions about your application or the admissions process, please do not hesitate to contact Graduate Studies at (508) 767-7387 or

You may register for up to two courses as a non-matriculating student. This will help to mutually assess the goodness of fit between your professional goals and the program’s academic standards. Should you demonstrate passing grades in these course and you are subsequently accepted into the program, the course credits will apply toward earning your certificate or degree.
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Student Reviews* of
Assumption College
Health Advocacy Certificate Program
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Are you a current or former student of this program?
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