A Patient Advocate’s Life

This video post was contributed by
Caryn Isaacs, Get Health Help
a mentor for those who are building an advocacy practice.

A Patient Advocate’s Life

Caryn Isaacs

Are you prepared to help people regardless of your feelings towards them?


Ask yourself:

  • Do you like to get involved in other people’s problems and to take control of the situation?
  • Do you like to get involved in complex issues?
  • Do you like to listen to what others are saying?
  • Are you in good health and physically able to care for others?
  • Are you able to distance yourself from situations?
  • Are you able to evaluate and prioritize?
  • Are you able to communicate effectively?
  • Do you like to talk about yourself and patient advocacy?
  • These are the things patient advocates do. They also:
  • Research diagnoses and conditions.
  • Liaison with families and other professionals.
  • Monitor and improve lifestyles.
  • A career in patient advocacy can be very rewarding.

A mentor will help you think through these issues.


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