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Health and Patient Advocate Educational Programs

Learn to be a patient advocate or navigator or advance your knowledge in the advocacy field…

Health and patients’ advocates, patient navigators, case managers, care coordinators, geriatric care managers, health coaches, eldercare professionals, other advocates and those who are interested in these careers will find courses, certificates, degrees, conferences, workshops, seminars, programs, mentors, and other educational opportunities are listed here.


Master List of
Programs, Courses and Mentors

Choose programs by a variety of details including your goals, curricula, location, degree or certificate, including online courses and continuing education. More.

Patient Advocacy Certification Information

Learn the status of certification for patient advocacy and stay abreast of developments in this area. More.


Advocacy Program
Event Calendar

Whether you want to take a weekend workshop, participate in an expert teleconference, or matriculate for a degree, learn about dates, deadlines, and find links to more information. More.


How to Choose the Right Program for You

Choosing patient advocacy as a career is new, and your individual path may not be clear. Here is some advice to help you figure out what you need, and how to get it. More.


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