Mentor Application Form

If you are available to mentor patient advocates or navigators, then we would like to list you on this website. There is no cost to you to be listed.

In exchange for this free listing, your responsibilities as a mentor are as follows:

  1. Guide your mentees to your best ability to help them build successful advocacy practices. Do not do the work for them. Teach them how to do it themselves.
  2. Encourage your mentees to join APHA if they are not already members.  If they are not yet members, use our referral benefit to add time to your APHA membership. (But be sure to follow the rules on both your submission and your mentee’s submission.)
  3. Participate in our Mentor Blogging program. The mentor blog is hosted here on the Health Advocate Programs site. New posts are published monthly on a rotation basis. You will be tapped only 1-2 times per year to contribute.
  4. Participate in our 2-x a year Mentor Phone Call when we bring all our mentors together to support each other’s work, to talk about best practices, and to look at ways to market mentoring to budding advocates.

See a sample of mentor listings.

To qualify for a Mentorship Listing on this site:

  • You must have been in private business as a health or patient advocate or navigator for at least three years.
  • You must be listed in the AdvoConnection Directory.

If you are ready to agree to our responsibilities listed above, and you meet our qualifications, please fill out the form below.