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Mentor: Linda Adler
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Updated:  October 2018
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Mentor Linda Adler, Pathfinders Medical
How Long in Advocacy?  10 years at Pathfinders Medical, 20+ years in related fields
Areas of Expertise
Creating a sustainable, profitable business
Tackling the nuts and bolts: forms, processes, and work flow
Understanding clinical advocacy: decision support, second opinions, clinical research, bedside advocacy, etc.
Integrating your company into the local medical landscape
Expanding your online toolbox: high touch meets high tech
Mode of Delivery in person, video conference
Fees or Costs by contract or hourly rate
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I mentor because I'm excited about what we do and the possibilities for growing not only your businesses but our profession. I believe there are a number of opportunities we can explore together, and I'm committed to changing not only individual patients' lives but to policy change and social entrepreneurship.

I feel fortunate to apply my skills and experience to help new advocates grow ethical, profitable and sustainable businesses while simultaneously enjoying the work and resisting burnout. My company, Pathfinders Medical, provides medical advocacy, so we support our clients through diagnosis and treatment. Our typical client isn’t looking for care coordination as much as coaching and guidance, so our services focus on areas like shared decision-making, information gathering, research, second opinions, and advocating at medical appointments and in the hospital.

Finally, I'm fortunate to have lots of teaching experience, both at the university level and in the corporate setting, and am also working as a health coaching for those who are looking to improve their overall health.
Find Linda's blog posts: Helping Clients Help Themselves (video)
More Information (650)274-0866
Learn more about Linda at her AdvoConnection Profile.
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+ On the Plus Side +
Linda has managed to package her long experience as an advocate into an effective and efficient mentorship program. What I liked best about the mentorship service she offered me was her flexibility: she was attentive to and respectful of my individual needs and questions as a mentee. She is a great listener - an essential element of both advocacy and mentoring - but will also give you her honest opinion in return. If you have a clear idea of what you want from a mentorship, your investment in Linda will definitely pay off.
4 stars
Recommend?  Absolutely!
June 2016
Hired Linda for 1:1 mentoring. From outset she was super professional. Explored my particular needs and then spoke to them. These included how to create workflow upfront to be "bulletproof" from claims, how to keep and store data electronically. Focused on Business Practices, Ethics, and Operations.

A bit strict on time both in person and on phone. Chit Chat seemed to count.

But clearly very experiences and knowledgeable of field and practice on high level, and would definitely recommend to anyone looking to learn how to organize health advocacy business or history of health care innovation and practice.
4 stars
Recommend?  Absolutely!
June 2016
Linda's guidance was very helpful, whether it involved the healthcare industry and the nuances related to an aging population, or, more specifically, our company's business plan and our marketing approach. Her passion and insights were encouraging and allowed us to take our next steps toward realizing our goal.
4 stars
Recommend?  Absolutely!
October 2015
Linda and I connected initially to discuss the intersection of technology and advocacy, and it became immediately clear that Linda's many years of experience in advocacy and her sharp, inquisitive mind have made her incredibly knowledgable about this area. But what proved even more valuable was Linda's wisdom generally: her long-term observations about what works and what doesn't, her clear-eyed assessment of the risks and rewards of advocacy work, and her ability to discern and communicate the most helpful and relevant information in each particular moment. I'm grateful to have connected with Linda and frankly glad that she is out there helping advocates!
4 stars
Recommend?  Absolutely!
September 2015
Linda's enthusiastic support of Tree of Life Health Advocates during my start-up year has been invaluable. She has been a constant presence during this process: available for consultations when I've needed a wise and sympathetic sounding board, creative in thinking through business and clinical options, and supportive through the inevitable frustrations. I'd wholeheartedly recommend her services to other advocates building their businesses.
4 stars
Recommend?  Absolutely!
Ruth Linden
September 2015
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