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Updated:  September 2015
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Student Reviews* of
UCLA's Patient Advocacy Certificate Program
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+ On the Plus Side +
This program is oriented to prepare advocates to work in an institutional setting. There is no training in how to start your own business as an advocate. The courses cover health care law, insurance, case management, communication and crisis resolution. These are valuable subjects for a private advocate. The program demands a lot of work. Completing the requirements gave me a sense of accomplishment and a perspective that I find valuable since I did not have prior experience working in the healthcare sector. As other reviewers have pointed out, the sloppiness in some of the course materials was appalling.
3 stars
May 2015
Currently enrolled and one-third through, so far very satisfied with content and diversity of topics. Instructor quality is mixed - one instructor has been excellent, offering fresh information and facilitating creative dialogue among students. Another was mediocre, relying on old sources, prone to typos and errors. For those planning to do independent advocacy consulting, the program isn't geared that way; however the learnings can be transitioned into a variety of career paths.
3 stars
June 2014
This certificate program isn't a slam-dunk; you'll work hard for your grades for a year. It's most helpful for people who want to be employed as advocates in hospitals and institutions -- many students who plan on an individual advocacy career will need additional marketing/business workshops (the APHA has some great ones!). There's an unprofessional amount of typos/errors in presentation PDFs for all courses (e.g., "Segway" instead of "segue"?? "Breath" instead of "breadth"??) and the instructors are a mixed bag.
3 stars
April 2014, updated September 2014
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