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Updated:  September 2015
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Focus of Organization: Raise awareness of health advocacy, teach health advocacy skills, connect patients to WA state health advocacy resources.
Membership is Open to:  Patients, Advocates, Health Professionals, Academics, Students, Supporters
•  Annual November meeting
periodic educational webinars
Volunteer Health Advocate training program
Academic Interest Group
•   Periodic Newsletter
Dues or Other Costs: Professional ($65)
Supporter ($50)
Partner ($250/organization)
Main Office Location: Seattle, WA
Established: 2012
Additional information: WASHAA has served as a coordinating hub for people in WA state who are interested and want to support health advocacy. Whether you are an advocate looking to connect with others doing this work; a patient looking to find an advocate; a family member trying to learn how to provide health advocacy support - WASHAA is for you!
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