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The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates
Updated:  July 2016
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Focus of Organization: Helps members start and grow their patient advocacy businesses in the United States, Canada and around the world.
Membership is Open to:  Anyone who is a private, independent health or patient advocate or navigator or wants to learn more about this career.
Support Offered for:

•  marketing  
legal needs (business formation, contracts, more) and advocate-tailored insurance
advisors on many topics to assist advocates in their business growth 
networking with others who are starting or building health advocacy businesses
public directory to help clients find advocates (marketing for health advocates)
•  Annual Schueler Award recognition
expert teleconferences with experts on advocacy business-related topics 8-10x per year
discussion forum helps advocates connect and share with each other
member-to-member networking teleconferences
•   weekly email with advice and updates
development of best business practices for health advocates
marketing outreach on behalf of members:
Private Professional Patient Advocates Week
Dues or Other Costs: Dues depend on type of membership, ranging from $59 to $289 per year. Compare memberships: 
Main Office Location: Leesburg, FL
Established: 2009
Additional information: AdvoConnection is the premiere membership organization for health and patient advocates and navigators to help them start and grow their private professional advocacy businesses.
Website and/or brochure:
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+ On the Plus Side +
APHA has supplied me with invaluable expertise within the Patient Advocacy field.

Doreen Swaim
June 2014
I know that I would not be as successful in my new career if I had not joined the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates and participated in the Business Institute. Since the founder has a strong business and marketing background, she knows the content that advocates need to obtain and retain clients.  

Mary Scroggin-Harris
February 2012
I have spent the weekend listening to every podcast and I have learned more from those than I have from months of research on my own. Excellent! Worth every penny.  

March 2011
It is wonderful to be a member of such a worthy organization, to have an online presence, and to have met such incredible people. God bless you a million-fold for the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates! Priceless!

November 2010
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