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Aging Life Care Association™ (ALCA)
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Updated:  November 2016
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Focus of Organization: Leading the community of Aging Life Care Professionals™ through education, professional development, and the highest ethical standards. We develop expertise; enhance the success of members; share a unique knowledge base; and promote the interests of the Aging Life Care™ profession.
Membership is Open to:  Qualified individuals with specialized degrees and experience in human services, including social work, psychology, gerontology or nursing. Those who are at the Advanced Professional level of membership hold one of four ALCA-approved certifications. Only members of ALCA can call themselves Aging Life Care Professionals.
Support Offered for:

•  Clinical and business development
Marketing support
Digital content
Continuing Education
Find an Aging Life Care™ Expert search feature
National and Regional Conferences and Webinars offering CE Units
Business development webinars and teleconference series
Entrepreneurial mentoring program
Dues or Other Costs: Dues depend on level of membership, ranging from $99 - $359 per year; $25 one-time application fee.
Main Office Location: Tucson, AZ
Established: 1985
Additional information: ALCA is an organization of practitioners whose goal is the advancement of expert assistance to aging individuals and their families. ALCA is committed to maximizing the independence and autonomy of aging adults and strives to ensure the highest quality and most cost-effective health and human services. Through education, advocacy, counseling, and service delivery, ALCA members assist older persons and their families in coping with the challenges of aging.
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Are you a current or former member of this organization?
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  Are you a current or former member of this organization?
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