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Mentor:  Elisabeth Schuler
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Updated:  November 2017
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Mentor Elisabeth Schuler
How Long in Advocacy?  Since October 2004
Areas of Expertise
Lessons learned through years of experience
Best practices for success
Aging/senior issues (Certified Senior Advisor)
Mode of Delivery by phone or in person
Fees or Costs $200 per hour
Discount for APHA members? Yes
I can teach you how to find answers on just about any topic because I’ve pretty much seen and done everything. I started Patient Navigator in 2004 part-time; full-time since 2009. The idea to help people navigate our crazy health care system came about because in 1998, I had to advocate for my young child with a life-threatening condition. There were no navigators then.

Over the years, I’ve learned how to conquer any bureaucracy, research the best medical information, discover resources, and work with all manner of family situations. I can discuss advocacy as a second career, share lessons learned, and guide you toward refining your specific advocacy passion.
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