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Mentor:  Caryn Isaacs, BCPA
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Updated:  January 2019
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Mentor Caryn Isaacs
How Long in Advocacy?  27 years
Areas of Expertise
Starting a Patient Advocate Business
Advanced Business Plans
Capitalization, Pricing, Getting Paid
Marketing and Networking
Family & Professional Liaison
Creative Thinking for your Client
Mode of Delivery Online, by phone, in person in the NYC/LI area
Fees or Costs by contract, hourly rate, or per session
Free initial phone or email consultation
Discount for APHA members? Yes
Take your business to the next level...

I started my Patient Advocate business in 1976. In order to stay in business all these years, to expand and sometimes to downsize as things changed personally and professionally, I had to do my homework and then execute a well thought out plan.

With me as your mentor, we will explore your mission and goals. You will learn how to define your unique niche, price your services, reach your target market and build your referral network. Mentees in the NYC metro area are welcome to join me at professional organization meetings and to shadow me through out my day as a very successful Private Professional Patient Advocate. Several of my former Mentees are now people I refer to, since I know they share my commitment to the people they advocate for and the advancement of the field of Professional Patient Advocacy.
More Information 347-965-9222
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+ On the Plus Side +
Caryn has a wealth of knowledge and experience which she willingly shared with me as I shifted my business from consulting/coaching to nursing home care advocacy. Her passion and expertise for advocating effectively for her clients is inspiring. With Caryn as a mentor and colleague, I look forward to developing a long and successful career as a nursing home advocate! Thank you, Caryn, for your extraordinary professionalism and commitment to mentor others!
4 stars
Recommend?  Absolutely!
David Fielding
January 2019
I am in the process of starting my business as a Patient Advocate. Caryn's support and education is invaluable. She is inviting to speak with and her knowledge of how to begin was what I needed to feel comfortable in starting my path to success. Thank you again Caryn!
4 stars
Recommend?  Absolutely!
Jammy Galligan
March 2016
Ms. Isaacs has been involved in the health care system for many years. Her advice regarding my career choice was stellar. I believe many people could benefit from her knowledge when it comes to negotiating the shoals of the health care industry.
4 stars
Recommend?  Absolutely!
Scott Neufeld
March 2016
Caryn graciously spent one hour talking to me about the possibilities of working in the field of patient advocacy. I am exploring options in this career. With her vast knowledge she was able to discuss many topics with a great deal of expertise. I came away with many new ideas and possibilities to explore. Whether as a mentor or a patient advocate for individuals, I believe Caryn has a wealth of information to offer.
4 stars
Recommend?  Absolutely!
Janet Hyman
Febraury 2016
Caryn Isaacs was recommended to me when I was struggling with eldercare issues. She took a sincere interest in my well being by advising and guilding me as needed. My expectations were fully met and I was lucky to have found her.
4 stars
Recommend?  Absolutely!
September 2015
Caryn Issacs has been an incredible "MENTOR" for me. She has been a positive force in assisting me with my present business by applying her 25 years of professional experience to my start-up consulting service. Her professional support and creativity has helped me in gaining the momentum for the consulting to take flight. Patient,supportive and well established. I highly recommend Caryn Issacs. I submit that Caryn Issacs should receive 5 Stars being the best.
4 stars
Recommend?  Absolutely!
Ilene Greinsky
September 2015
Caryn is both personable and friendly and very willing to share her background and professional experience.
Her advice was very helpful-- offering recommendations which have enabled me to refocus my career path. My desire is now to look for jobs which incorporate aspects of patient advocacy.
4 stars
Recommend?  Absolutely!
Joyce Gomolin
August 2015
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