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Mentor:  Cindi Gatton
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Updated:  October 2018
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Mentor Cynthia R. Gatton
How Long in Advocacy?  5 years
Areas of Expertise
Preparation for a patient advocacy career
Business Consultation Starter package
Developing and executing a general advocacy business plan
Developing and executing an advocacy marketing plan, including a customized elevator speech
Developing advocacy services for employers
Insurance/Billing strategy consultation
Utilizing technology to expand your service area
Mode of Delivery in person / phone / Skype / Facetime
Fees or Costs create your own package
Discount for APHA members? Yes
My ideal client is someone who wants to or has identified their skill/knowledge gaps for a private advocacy practice to develop a plan to address them; or who desires operational and marketing mentoring for their practice.

I have a passion for supporting people who want to work in the field of private patient advocacy to find success as they define it. My approach to mentees parallels my approach to clients: Listen for and elicit the issues you’re facing, identify what’s going well and where there are opportunities, define potential service options from which we build a service agreement, execute that plan with you, and solicit feedback when we’ve completed your goals.
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More Information  or   404-687-6998
Learn more about Cindi at her AdvoConnection Profile.
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