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Mentor:  Lisa Berry Blackstock
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Updated:  October 2018
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Mentor Lisa Berry Blackstock
How Long in Advocacy?  29 years
Areas of Expertise
The realities of working as a private patient advocate (the upsides and downsides.)
Do you have what it takes to advocate successfully in today’s healthcare system? The need for an honest assessment is essential.
Understanding what can be taught and what one must learn on his/her own to be an effective patient advocate.
Why understanding the business and politics affecting healthcare are just as important as understanding healthcare itself.
Every single thing in healthcare today can be negotiated.
Mode of Delivery In person or online; prefer one-on-one interaction
Fees or Costs Hourly rate for sessions of 90 minutes, no minimum or maximum number of sessions required.
Discount for APHA members? Yes
I never thought my work as a private patient advocate could be so challenging AND rewarding. It seems I work harder each year to help patients and their loved ones receive quality healthcare at fair and customary prices. The healthcare system continually becomes more difficult to navigate, requiring I pay closer attention and truly dedicate myself to my practice. I am all-in on behalf of my clients and colleagues, as I strive to bring wider recognition and respect to our work on behalf of those who are vulnerable.
Find Lisa's blog posts: Patient Advocacy Skill Set Checklist: The Ability to Negotiate
More Information 818.512.6803
Learn more about Lisa at her AdvoConnection Profile.
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+ On the Plus Side +
Lisa was absolutely amazing as my one-on one, private mentor! We spent a lot of time together, whether visiting a new client in person, attending her first evening seminar, or relaxing at the dinner table with her, she was clear, concise, and always wanted what was best for me. It was very evident in our first meeting, that I had chosen without a doubt, the very best mentor for me!
4 stars
Recommend?  Absolutely!
Sheryl Brown
Lisa Berry Blackstock is a consummate professional – well-prepared, disciplined, articulate, responsive to questions, generous with her time – and has an extraordinary breadth and depth of knowledge and experience. The icing on the cake is that Lisa is empathic and has a passionate interest in helping to promote the patient advocacy profession. She shared many generic client stories (of course, without disclosing confidential patient information) which encapsulated strategic and successful resolution of issues. I am a novice at patient advocacy (transitioning from 40-years in another profession) and I knew exactly what I sought. Lisa exceeded all my expectations.
4 stars
Recommend?  Absolutely!
Barbara F. Stein
September 2016
I had a 6-hr mentoring session with Lisa. I had requested that we cover specific areas, namely insurance and hospital discharge appeals, and the Chargemaster. My practice is based mainly on medical navigation, and these are the areas in which I lack proficiency. After our session, I felt that I had a good understanding of these aspects of patient advocacy and feel more confident that I could provide these services to my clients. In our interactive session, Lisa covered the topics thoroughly, provided handouts, and answered all my questions. When, after writing up my notes, I discovered that I was unsure of some points that we covered, Lisa very generously spent additional telephone time with me to clarify issues. Lisa is extremely knowledgable, is a very caring individual and exemplifies the profession of the patient advocate.
4 stars
Recommend?  Absolutely!
Rae Drazin
June 2015
Lisa has an innate ability and willingness to communicate her knowledge and wisdom of patient advocacy. Throughout our 4 sessions, she provided honest and useful "real world" guidance which I will certainly apply to my growing practice. Lisa demonstrated time and again her personal interest in the mentoring relationship and generously offered resources and connections. For those seeking a trusted mentor, Lisa is worthy of your consideration.
4 stars
Recommend?  Absolutely!
Joe Paccione
May 2015
Lisa provided exclusive insight I haven't found anywhere else. She has a lot of wisdom and experience and she has promised to be available to me anytime in the future for questions. It was worth every minute with her and the knowledge and confidence I have brought back with me is invaluable. Lisa was pleasant and well-organized and thorough in her training. I'm looking forward to starting my business soon, knowing I have the tools I need and the support should I need it. Thanks, Lisa!
4 stars
Recommend?  Absolutely!
Rosalie Weatherhead
April 2015
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