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The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates
These short-length programs are intended to provide you wth some basic advocacy skills, an overview of business advice, or a taste of the focus of health and patient advocacy.

In most cases they will provide you with some basic skills, but in order to develop a career as a private professional advocate, you will need additional business or advocacy education.
Misc Advocacy Education Programs   The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates Workshops
Workshops on many business and marketing topics are held in different locations in the US throughtout the year.
Misc Advocacy Education Programs   The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates
Holds teleconferences (call-ins) 8 - 10 times a year on various business topics to help private advocates grow their businesses.  Topics range from insurance and legal questions to marketing, social media and talking to clients about pricing and money. 
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Misc Advocacy Education Programs   Colorado Patient Navigator Training
Courses are for patient navigators, social workers, nurses and community healthcare workers who want a basic understanding of issues and practices related to patient navigation.
Misc Advocacy Education Programs   Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies Conference
This annual conference focuses on CAM therapies for cancer care.
Misc Advocacy Education Programs   Healthcare Liaison
This program offers nationwide workshops on Healthcare Advocacy for nurses and those without professional medical training.
Misc Advocacy Education Programs   Heartwood Health
Spend one or two days learning about The Emerging Field of Patient Advocacy These seminars are held throughout the year in different locations. CEUs are available for RNs, MFCCs and LCSWs.
Misc Advocacy Education Programs   National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants (NAHAC)
Annual Conference
Misc Advocacy Education Programs   Professional Patient Advocate Workshops  
One-day comprehensive workshops run in various cities around the US.
Misc Advocacy Education Programs   PULSE of NY  
Offers Family Centered Patient Advocacy Training and Empathy Training.
Misc Advocacy Education Programs   Smith Center Patient Navigation Training
Offers Integrative focus on patient navigation.
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